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Buoni Sapori

control quality safety of the finest groceries Made in Italy

For over 60 years we have been bringing the authentic flavors of Italy to tables all over the world, with passion and dedication

At Buoni Sapori, we use the best of what nature spontaneously provide to craft simple and tasteful products. We only draw on our experience and on the great heritage of Italian agri-food traditions.

Treat yourself to the true taste of Italian tradition. Or give it to someone you care about

We produce and deliver a great selection of products for large-scale distribution, offering the best value for money. Our groceries are freshly prepared in three different production facilities, strictly following our guidelines and recipes. Thanks to our research we give many consumers the opportunity to appreciate delicacies that are usually reserved for just a privileged few.

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The excellence of Products Made in Italy

Selected food products, controlled supply chain

Offer Buoni Sapori in your Restaurant or Pizzeria

Ristorazione di Qualità

Buoni Sapori, directly supplies Restaurants and Pizzerias with all the products in the catalog, granting fast and timely deliveries.

A selection of products rigorously made with guaranteed, high quality Italian ingredients, conceived for the food service and restaurant industry.

A brand that stands for quality

"Buoni Sapori " is already a widely known and well-established brand, recognized by the Italian GDO and DO.
A brand which means quality and reliability, and that distinctively marks all the goods which SISMA produces or co-produces with important industrial partners. The best business partners are indeed selected through careful marketing investigations, aimed at locating and promoting who can represent Italian excellence and authentic food traditions. Traditions respectfully preserved, handed down for generations, from father to son.

In order to adequately protect the brand " Buoni Sapori " , SISMA has secured it as a registered trademark, both in the current 28 European countries and in other foreign countries (China, Canada, Japan, and United States), identified as interesting markets.

Buoni Sapori, oltre 60 anni di Grande Passione

Buoni Sapori was born after decades spent searching for the best ingredients; from a multi-generational commitment to food quality; from continuous improvements of the entire production chain. A simple name, just two words, chosen to instantly communicate the genuineness of our products, and the bond with the best Italian heritage.

Banco Gastronomia

Campagne Romane

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